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  • Aishwariya Laxmi

A prayer for peace

A prayer for peace

By Aishwariya Laxmi

He tosses and turns in bed all night

Visions of the war haunt him

Through dawn and into daylight

The town had celebrated

His return in “one piece”

All those years ago

When would they realize

That the price of survival

Was a broken family,

Shattered dreams

And a splintered mind?

Doctors had tried to numb his pain

With opioids

But his agony did not stop

And he knew nothing would change

Until humankind understood

That wars were futile

It takes courage to bring about change

It takes courage to end all conflict

If only peace would prevail…


Aishwariya Laxmi is a writer, editor, blogger, and poet living in suburban Chennai, India. She blogs on and has a newsletter at Her poems and flash fiction have been published in numerous anthologies.

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